Prices for services
Services of bodyguards are provided by Private security company “Sila” include the complex of measures aimed at direct protection of clients and their employees, as well as the safety of the other objects. This also applies to the protection of property situated directly on the area being served.

Using this service, you can be sure in the personal safety (encroachment on the life, health and property) and in the protection of the public company from offenders and others.

Each employee is interviewed by a psychologist, in some cases, testing on a polygraph, testing in our gym on the level of physical fitness, knowledge of the specific and tactics.

This direction of protection is considered as one of the most difficult. That is why it is necessary to use only the checked companies providing services for a long time to ensure protection.

For example, working with PSC “Sila” has the following advantages:
– Responsible approach to the providing of services, the availability of employees with the necessary qualification;
– Studying of object of protection and elaboration of comprehensive plan of actions for its protection;
– Application of the most advanced technologies, providing the technical security;
– The optimal ratio of price and quality.

To achieve the required level of security the experts of PSF «Sila» carry out protection of both directly the person and the territory of his stay (the house or a place of work). The employees have experience in this area and the necessary skills. They are equipped with the most modern technical means.

The group of bodyguards is formed to provide the comprehensive security of a protected person. The size of the groups is determined on the basis of the level of threat to the protected person. Employees can be armed with traumatic, firearms and equipped with means of protection and communication.

If it is necessary, the territory is additionally equipped with technical means of protection and security: alarms, video cameras, the alarming buttons. Connecting of this set to a central console allows to reduce the further risk of dangerous situations.

Protection of individuals requires the special means without which the efficiency of protection sharply falls. Besides it is very important that bodyguards could apply skillfully all available arsenal.

All employees of the company are skilled and experienced. Our staff have been trained in the world’s best schools of the bodyguard in Russia and the United States. Accordingly we select the most suitable candidates depending on the requirements stated by the Customer and we send for consideration to the Customer.

The staff of the security company “Sila” regularly trains in the use of different types of weapons as well as in constantly improving of the skills of hand-to-hand fight. So the available weapons and special means will be used skillfully and in strict accordance with the law.

The decision about the protection for you and your relatives depends on you. But it is only necessary to remember that better to prevent any crime at an attempt stage.