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  • Bodyguards
    Services of bodyguards are provided by Private security company “Sila” include the complex of measures aimed at direct protection of...
  • Security of facilities
    Many people shrug shoulders and ask: why is this protection necessary?...
  • Forwarding Collection
    The transfer of valuable goods regardless of the type of transport used for this, is always followed by the risk...
  • Legal services
    Private security company “Sila” provides the services the protection of individuals, various objects, freights and so on as well as...
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  • Kemiron Dias
    Kemiron Dias became known after a very successful debut in the sensational movie “Mask”(1994) with Jim Kerry. Nowadays successfully training for a new...
  • Johnny Depp
    Famous American actor, the film director, the film producer, the screenwriter and the musician Johnny Depp, the most known on a series of...
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  • Охрана физического лица цена
    Про защищенность важных строений и охрану собственных ценностей, ровно как и про личную... more
  • Охрана чоо москва
    Про сохранность ценных объектов, а также защищенность собственных ценностей, как и про личную... more
  • Обучение личной охраны
    Про безопасность важных строений, а также защиту драгоценностей, как и про собственную безопасность... more
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