Forwarding Collection

The transfer of valuable goods regardless of the type of transport used for this, is always followed by the risk of attack. After all there are many opportunities for this purpose on all way of the route. It is advisable to use the services of a security company for guaranteed delivery of objects safely from one point to another.

Private security company “Sila” has a wealth of experience in providing of freight forwarding services. The company’s specialists have all the necessary skills in this area who can evaluate the situation and take appropriate measures in case of an attack on the convoy.

The security of freight is a difficult task. The protection could involved up to 30 employees and an appropriate number of vehicles depending on its value and volume.

The electronic security and tracking systems are also applied for better services. For example, a GPS tracker, with which cars are equipped, provides the latest information about the current location of the vehicle. In case of any emergency situation it is enough to send the appropriate signal and a person on duty of centre of PSF “Sila” will send the nearest task force on the coordinates sent by the security system.

But all of this is not enough to provide the really high-quality services. Contacting to PSF “Sila” for services of the convoy of freights, you can be sure that specialists of firm will approach this question responsibly and comprehensively.

Working on convoy begins even before departure. The safe route is developed for the prevention of emergency situations, points of possible rest, technical assistance and fuelling are studied. The possibility of medical care, the location of posts of traffic police and other features is considered.

During the route the employees are on high alert to take measures for the reflection of possible attack in the shortest time. The task is done only upon the arrival at the destination after the signing of the accompanying documents.

The protection of the collectors is not less responsible. After all the people transporting the large sums of money are always the object for the malefactors wishing the fast illegal enrichment.

The qualification and the equipment of employees of PSF “Sila” won’t cause you to doubt the correctness of the choice. All of them have been specially selected, have the necessary skills of hand-to-hand fighting, are psychologically stable and able to make quick decisions in stressful situations.

These and many other advantages allow PSF Sila to remain one of the leading companies providing services of the collectors and convoys for a long time.