Security of facilities

Many people shrug shoulders and ask: why is this protection necessary?

, when facing with advertising posters or ads on the Internet that offer the services of protection. Probably the shortest and most correct answer is : when you put your personal thing somewhere in the evening, you can be sure for 100% that you will take it there in the morning. There is a considerable grain of truth even if this phrase is heard ironically.

Skeptical persons also give the other argument that quite recently nobody spoke about the security and did not use the services of security companies, left the apartment keys under mats and did not lock warehouses. And nothing terrible happened. So why do you have to pay for the services which, apparently, aren’t necessary at all.

Only the people who live in the past can argue in this way. Modern realities tell a different story. To verify this quite easy and simple by turning on the TV and listening to news.

In this regard, it is better to adhere to the axiom that any items of any value can be stolen, damaged or destroyed. We intentionally do not speak about the risk of harm to a person, because the life is priceless, that is why there is no need to prove the necessity of its protection.

So, under the protection in the narrow sense of the word is understood the certain measures whose aim is to protect the valuables against stealing or destruction.

And a grandmother with the whistle and the gun loaded with salt won’t be reliable protection any more. You need to use more effective tools, which the private security companies offer, including PSC “Sila”.

Only the qualified staff with the necessary skills and experience, familiarizing with the requirements and studying the object of protection will be able to develop a complex of activities that will be the most effective in your case.

For example, for a small house in the village, which you use as villas, there will be enough strong doors, fence and lattices. It would seem, what is the role of the security company? But with its help, you can choose the high quality and reliable equipment. It is also gets under the term “protection”.

But if the object of protection is of a great value (a cottage, a company territory, warehouses and so on) the above measures will not work. There is advisable to apply automatic systems of video surveillance, the alarm system and restriction of access. It is possible to connect the object to the centralized system of protection.

But there are cases when you can not trust equipment even if it is reliable and expensive. Then it is necessary to apply the protection of using patrols and guard dogs. Such method is suitable for ensuring full safety of big areas (fields, buildings and to other similar objects).

Remember that quality of services depends on the qualifications of the staff, quality of systems management and control of access and reliability of security company.