Legal services

Private security company “Sila” provides the services the protection of individuals, various objects, freights and so on as well as legal services. Because it is impossible to achieve a high level of the personal security and the safety of business without the qualitative legal support.

That is why the Legal Department of the company plays a big role in the activity of PSC «Sila».

The qualified employees who have the specialized education as well as considerable experience in these services allow us to solve difficult questions which arise in the process of providing the services of security and regardless of this sphere.

Their competence includes the solution of the following legal questions:

  1. The legal advice which is connected with financial and economic activity of the subject of business activity. If it is necessary the experts of PSC «Sila», besides the providing of the security services, could consult the client about certain nuances of the law and also acquaint with the latest changes in the normative legal acts concerning your question.
  2. Transaction support. Besides the physical protection of objects, it is useful to ensure the safety of the transaction. For this purpose our lawyers will prepare the contracts, taking into account all the nuances and protection of your rights, and after their signing they will track the correct execution of all points. In case of the violation of contractual relations there will be measures taken for the protection of violated rights under civil or criminal proceedings.
  3. Debt collection. If there is a need for collecting receivables or compensation of the damage caused by illegal actions the experts of PSC «Sila» will assume the preparation of all necessary documents and accompany the process until the execution of court decisions or other authorities.
  4. Judicial representation. The experts of the legal department of security company «Sila» are specialists in various branches of law: civil, administrative, criminal, tax, economic and others. You can contact them with the purpose of support of the claim process in the courts of different instances if any disputes arise. This includes both the preparation of documents and representation in all state local and Federal level.
  5. Legal support during the audits of client’s activity. You can contact the security company «Sila» during scheduled or unscheduled inspections, visiting of fire service or other government authorities. We will provide the expert who can supervise the process and respond to detected violations quickly and correctly.

Security is a complex concept. Legal protection, which PSC «Sila» provides will be the same quality as the other services of our company.